Thanks a lot, Adam King

  • Here’s a great big ‘thank you’ to Adam King.


    In case you missed it, Adam’s the wonderful guy who organised a flash mob to sing Lovely Day by Bill Withers on the Tube last week. In the middle of it, he got down on one knee and proposed to a shocked Lucy Rogers (who, luckily, happened to be his girlfriend and, luckily, said ‘yes’).


    Practical Adam had even organised someone to film the event so he could upload the video on to YouTube to show the world just how special he is. Thanks a bunch, Adam.


    You’ve let blokes around the world down. Your antics have now created an impossibly high bar for proposals. Gone  are the days of a weekend away to Paris, a late-evening climb of the Eiffel Tower and some nervous fumbling with a ring. Gone, too, are the days of a romantic walk on the beach to find the ring under a pile of seaweed. And say ‘goodbye’ to the time-honoured: “You’re pregnant? Spose we better make it legal, then.”


    No Adam, nothing the rest of us men will do from here on in will ever be good enough. And I bet that’s just what you wanted. Who else proposes like that in a public place among strangers, all the while secretly filming the event to show how spontaneous he is? Fucking YouTube? What is this? Are you angling for a reality show or something –The King and I, only on MTV? I thought females were supposed to be the ‘one-up on the rest of their sex’ beings. Dude, you’ve really let the brotherhood down.


    But then, the world does has a way of making sure things even out. Let’s hope for your sake you’re as swish as your nice haircut and good smile on the cover of the Evening Standard suggests - because after that attention-seeking act, you’ve set your own bar is pretty high. Where’s there to go from here? Will the marriage ceremony be conducted by the Pope?


    And anniversaries are going to have to be pretty special. Hot air balloons over Africa, man. Professional camera crews. Jewellery hand-delivered by monkeys. Live duets by Luciano Pavarotti and John Lennon.


    You may have made a rod for your own back, Adam. But congrats and all, mate. Here’s to a long and happy life together. Lucky she said ‘yes’, eh? Remember Roy Williams, that guy who got rejected at the baseball a couple of years ago. Betcha you wouldn’t have uploaded that video.


    Watch Adam’s wonderful proposal.


    And spare a thought for poor old Roy Williams