Christmas card panic? Show them some elf love

  • It's the time of year when friends send you Christmas cards, and you realise with the kind of creeping guilt that only comes once a year during the season of goodwill that you've not got them a sausage. Well, there's a solution! Several in fact.

    If you'd like to return some Christmassy affection, there's lots of options if you've missed the post this year.

    Go elf yourself

    The best has to be Elf Yourself, which has been around for a few years now - nothing says friendship more than you and your mates' faces superimposed onto elf heads, dancing around as camp as Christmas. Lots of options here:


    Alt Xmas

    If you'd like something a bit off the beaten track, there's Hipster ecards for the weirdos in your life. A cat in a seasonal sombrero and baubles on a cactus, anyone?:


    Retro charm

    Call me old fashioned, but some of these retro historic e-card designs from the British Library are pretty charming, especially the creepy Grinch-looking fellow heading down the chimney. You'd be pretty scared if you found him drinking your sherry by the fireplace:


    Dancing mice & more

    And finally...there's something quite soothing and old fashioned about the graphics in these animated e-cards, complete with dancing mice around the Christmas tree and some jolly woodland creatures. O jolie indeed:



    Wherever you are in the world, Happy Christmas everyone!

    evil elf