What exactly does 'selling out' even mean?

  • Maintaining your punk, DIY, ethical roots is tough. It’s even tougher to appease the fans for whom the slightest indiscretion is a sign of ‘selling out’.

    Poor Frank Turner has had to bear the brunt of this – the polemic-driven frontman of Million Dead carved a niche for himself as the road dog solo artist, touring the nation’s length with a guitar, tunes about social inequality and standing strong in the face of adversity.

    Last year’s England Keep My Bones was an instant classic, then he played Wembley and the Olympics opening ceremony and everyone yelled: “Sell out!” Now, as if to taunt them, he’s launched his own beer, too, called Believe, which is described as “a modern twist on the traditional wheat beer”.

    Is he a sell out?
    An opportunist?
    A visionary bringing DIY aesthetics to the brewery trade?
    All three?

    He’s probably just someone who likes the idea of having a beer to call his own.