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The Triple Frontier

  • Arriving in Puerto Iguazu at the northernmost point in Argentina, most people would opt to see the powerful force that is Iguazu Falls, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.



    However, I was here for a true travelling milestone – seeing three Countries simultaneously in one place.


    Packing a day bag and snubbing the other backpackers who made their way towards the distant roar of the Iguazu Falls, I headed to the westernmost point of the sleepy town (after being chased by snarling toy dogs) through the remnants of the Atlantic Forest. Lo, and behold, before me at the end of the road alongside the jaw-dropping bank of the Iguazu River held the Triple Frontier. Move over, Star Trek you should have found this frontier instead.


    Behind me, rose an obelisk painted in Argentine colours and in the distance across the confluence of Iguazu and Panama Rivers held obelisks in Paraguayan and Brazilian colours that stood in their respective countries. This is proof you have achieved this epic milestone. This was truly a surreal experience. Throughout two years travelling, I’ve never come across a point where three countries met and yet here I am.  



    A blend of all three cultures is fused in Puerto Iguazu serving Brazilian Caipirinhas, Argentinean steaks and fried Mandioca from Paraguay. All nationalities come together to trade, party and become one big family at the many restaurants, bars and meeting places in this town.  This could be the best place to be in South America or perhaps the worst place to be. Corruption and a weak response to organised crime is rampant here from the three countries. This definitely was in mind when I caught a few shady characters seemingly innocently standing around at the Triple Frontier. On second thoughts, perhaps I should go on that Iguazu Falls tour.



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