I'm A Celebrity: Cruel to cockroaches

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    I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. I won’t be alone in stating my eye-gouging aversion to this show but, for me, the heightened blood pressure and mental anguish I feel when watching – or even thinking about – the programme has nothing to do with the contestants.

    I’m numb to the nausea induced by watching the dregs of the celebrity barrel attempt to crawl up to fame via I’m A Celebrity.  What I can’t get used to is the lack of empathy towards animals.

    Got to lie in a tank of cockroaches Mark Wright? I feel sorry for the cockroaches. And I’m not being sarcastic.

    Why should living creatures of any kind suffer so that your fake-tanned arse can have another five minutes in the limelight?

    ITV has previously been called up for animal cruelty on I’m A Celebrity. In 2009, winner Gino D'Acampo and his fellow contestant Stuart Manning faced criminal charges after cooking and eating a rat on the show.

    At the time, the New South Wales RSPCA said it was not acceptable that an animal had been killed as part of a performance.

    However the pervading disrespect for animals has continued. It’s a hallmark of I’m A Celebrity.

    Sadly, treating animals badly isn’t unusual or unique to reality shows. I’m A Celebrity simply mirrors one of the more unpleasant traits of our society.

    How sad that, when plonked in the middle of a jungle teaming with wildlife, contestants are encouraged to shriek, battle or avoid the creatures they encounter. What a waste.

    And it does make me want to ask the oh-so-traumatised contestants as they gag their way through another pig-bum buttie, are you sure this doesn’t taste familiar? What exactly do you think goes into your fast food chain burger anyway?

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